Adult two way web cam

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Panning the camera around remotely is also not that great--there is often a considerable lag of a few seconds before it registers and moves the camera. It's a fraction of the price of a big name brand and its done everything flawlessly. I did this in the same room as our new puppy and the sounds the app makes to connect initially to the camera freaked him right out! Bought to watch over our pupb and it's worked 100%The audio is reasonable, the speaker is on the cheap side, so doesn't sound great if you're trying to talk to someone via the camera. There are plenty of cool nuances with this camera that aren't addressed by the instruction booklet. Unless there is a way to make the sound running on the background while I use my phone for texting or internet.Better to find a position it works in and leave it there. The setup is really pretty easy, instructions could be better. The default password is 123456789, I couldn't connect initially after pairing and this was why. The touch screen on your phone allows remote control of the field of view, allows still camera shots recorded directly to your cell phone as well as video, the cool thing about that is even if someone was able to steal the camera, you've got a record of events up to that point in time. Was beyond my expectations, even with the delay of real time by a few minutes.full review Very good simple solution (purchased 2 and will buy more), with the one exception that it calls only 4 people and does not interact all that well with them.Still, simple to set up and has been working reliably now for a few months bringing cost effective comfort to us in a couple cases.Fortunately, it comes with an Ethernet cable so you don't have to hunt one down to do the initial setup. Purposely bought this for my son's room to monitor him.Getting it to work on my smartphone and my PC were both easy tasks. I wanted it as a basic nanny cam, and for that purpose it's just fine. I wish the field of view was bigger, but that's a consequence of the small lens. Set-up was very easy, the accompanying video shows the proper step by step set-up, very nice feature. I suspect if someone was breaking into you house and that alarm sounded, instinct would probably cause them to beat a hasty retreat. So when he's down for a nap or sleep, I have to constantly be on the app.You have the choice to add the device manually or just scan the code on the bottom of the camera to add it automatically.

Setup was straightforward, albeit a little cumbersome. The only bad thing or I don't like about it (the app) is that when I use my phone for something else, the sound doesn't run in the backround.

Pan and tilt work flawlessly through the app and I have a minimal amount of lag. full review I purchased the Smart Nurse Call Paging System and wireless call buttons for use in my Dad's Board-and-Care home.

It is used by four clients in the home and has performed flawlessly for us for over a year. Unlike other reviewers, we have not had to order replacements.

The whole setup procedure took less than ten minutes.

The picture quality when viewing the live video is really clear and I am able to see all around the room by swiping on my screen to move the camera left, right, up and down. full review I bought this for my daughters powerwheels, as 2 have been stollen.

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