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Canadian lesbian dating

Meanwhile, Kate poses for pin-up photos in order to obtain a fake security clearance form, and Lorna uses Marco's Italian background to raise suspicions about him, resulting in him being fired.

After some of Gladys' things are stolen from her locker at the factory, she decides to find out who is behind the recent thefts.

Amidst the chaos following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the girls on Blue Shift find themselves facing their own challenges.

Gladys' parents discover she has been lying to them about her job at the factory and conspire to have her fired, while James is recruited into the military.

His questions rattle Kate, and she considers leaving again to keep Betty safe.

Betty's focus on Kate frustrates Ivan's attempts to move forward with his relationship with Betty.

Meanwhile, Lorna attempts to teach life skills classes at Vic Mu, Bob looks for a job, and their son Eugene returns home on leave.

With Eugene home, Lorna plans a dinner in order to celebrate his success in the war; her doting on Eugene sets her at odds with Sheila, while Eugene is more interested in flirting with the girls of Vic Mu.

Taking a job as a secretary during the factory's Blue Shift, Gladys arranges to become a floor worker instead, after being inspired by the other women floor workers.Kate Andrews, also a newcomer, has begun working at the factory after running away from her abusive father; she is reluctantly taken under the wing of Betty Mc Rae, the factory's best worker.Blue Shift floor matron, Lorna Corbett, clashes with Marco Moretti, an Italian-born worker at the factory.Meanwhile, Marco and Lorna consummate their affair, while Gladys, depressed about her fiancé's affair, looks for ways to act out.It's Armistice Day, and the factory is planning on hosting an event to commemorate the holiday.

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