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The College of Rodez was founded in 1371 by Bernard of Rodez, Archbishop of Naples, whose birth-place was Cahors. Michel was established (1467) by Jean Rubey, archdeacon of Tormes.

John XXII offered the See of Riez in Provence to Gaillard de Preyssac, Bishop of Toulouse since 1305, whom he suspected of having conspired against him with Hugues Giraud, Bishop of Cahors.He left a book on the "Passion of the Saviour", and some "Sermons for Festival Days". Under Charles the Bald the relics of the Quattuor Sancti Coronati, Claudius, Nicostratus, Symphorianus, Castor, and their pupil St. The crusaders who in 1096 accompanied Raymond de Saint Gilles to the East brought back the body of St. Bartholomew, and perhaps some wood from the Crib or Manger, a stone from the Holy Sepulchre, and a Crucifix known as the Crusaders' Crucifix. Peter and Paul, SS Simon and Jude; Urban VIII granted the same indulgences to those who visited the seven altars of St.Among his successors were: the Dominican William de Laudun (1327-45), previously bishop of Vienne; Raymond de Canilhac (1345-50), cardinal in 1350; Cardinal Francis de Gozie (1391-92); Bernard du Rosier (1451-74), author of two treatises on the temporal power of the pope and on the liberty of the Church, and who founded at Toulouse the "College de Foix" for the support of twenty-five poor scholars, where he collected one of the first libraries of the period; John of Orléans (1503-33), cardinal in 1533. In 1187 Guillaume Taillefer deposited there other relics acquired in the East, especially the greater portion of the body of St. Sernin's as could be gained by visiting the seven altars of St. The University of Toulouse was founded in 1229, in consequence of a treaty between Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse, and Blanche of Castile, regent of France ; its object was to prevent by higher theological studies a recrudescence of Albigensianism.Gaillard refused the offer, and retired to Avignon where he died in 1327. The people themselves brought the body of Saint Gilles to save it from the Abigensians. Thomas Aquinas, given by Urban V to the Dominicans, was brought to Toulouse, and preserved in their church until the Revolution, when it was transferred to St. As early as 1100 a confraternity was formed with twelve superintendents and seventy-two bayles-regents (guardians), in memory of the number of the Apostles and Disciples; they took oath to watch in turn over the relics. Sernin's on 8 July, 1097, after it has been restored by the canon, St.The first archbishop was Raymond de Comminges, Bishop of Maguelonne from 1309, who, when created cardinal in 1327, abandoned the See of Toulouse and went to Avignon where he died in 1348. Alphonse, brother of Louis IX, last count of Toulouse, on his entry to the town in 1251 deposited in the church a thorn from the Crown of Thorns, which Baldwin II, emperor of Constantinople, had given to St. Raymond; Callistus II dedicated an altar there and placed in it relics of SS.

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Legends of more or less recent date claim that it was evangelized by St.

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