Dating site with contact information about the user dating middle ages web series

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If you cant start a thread you've probably had that privilege taken away from you by a mod. One mod has left the site, as we all will eventually, and the other just isn't a mod anymore.

And considering there ARE no mods at the moment to see if you can have it lifted, there's nothing you can do about it unfortunately. We're still waiting on new ones to step up to the job. All I would like to know is why have I noticed on a few occasions that some female users were ablt to have bikini photo's of themselves posted on their profiles, when male profiles without shirts, the picture is deleted?

Steve, Everyone who reads this thread now knows your password! Change it slightly and mention in your new profile that your old one was hacked. Told him to change the password to something I don't know.

I suspect a flaw in the phone app since the big" change" of search catagory notice from mark.However, unfortunately, too many men with their shirtless torsos show their penises or pubic hair as well.Markus deems that inappropriate and the system will delete such photos.POF get a lot of messages, understandable when you consider the size of the user base. It has been stated in the past that they don't respond to questions where the information is available on the site, this is essentially a self-help site.A good starting point for your issue, would be here:-Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help FAQ: Sent emails not showing up in the sent Posts3133546If accessible Customer Support is important to you, then perhaps a fee based site which provides a 24 hour telephone number would better suit your needs.

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I think overall pof is a great site and service, but this is going too far.

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