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'These are periods of what we call separation, and I have been through that situation myself.The relationships are not static, there is a constant ebb and flow.' So who is the wife currently sharing Philip's bed?Sharp with Vreni and Margo But you may not be surprised to learn that they keep their husband happy. 'But even though I'd achieved what I wanted, I felt increasingly depressed and I turned to God.' In 1982 he married his first wife, Hadass, and five children followed.Twenty-five years ago, the rampant rabbi, the son of a Jewish clothes manufacturer for C&A and his wife from Stanmore in Middlesex, was a well-known radio DJ called Phil Sharp. In the early Nineties he began to become involved in an American religious organisation called the Messianic Jewish Alliance.When he feels it's time to give someone else a turn, he will tell the present incumbent so, in the nicest possible don't-take-it-personally kind of way.Judith explains, 'Philip will say something like: "I think this should be our last night together." Obviously, you'd rather that wasn't the case, but you accept it as the way it is.' You might say these couplings are mini-marriages, as opposed to lascivious wanderings from bed to bed.

The wives' personalities broadly fall into two categories: the 'softer' ones - Chava, Hannah, Karyn and Margo - and the 'harder' types - Tracey and Judith. There are eight children aged from five months to six years.Here is list of great flash internet games for your fun. Or you can browse our archives with over 500 free fun flash games. He's coy about it, but Judith tells me that Karyn is the lady of the moment, although Hannah later tells me that she was with him at the weekend.Judith's quite matter of fact about it, but admits she has wrestled with terrible jealousy, especially at the beginning - as have all the other wives.

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And confusingly, Margo's three children are being raised by Judith, and call 'Mummy', not Margo. They all live together in a former oasthouse set in 27 acres of paddocks and fields near Battle in East Sussex. Philip and his wives are followers of Messianic Judaism, which Philip explains is essentially being Jewish, but believing in Jesus Christ as the son of God.

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