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Ghosts, Angels, Demons, Psychics, Elementals, Inter-dimensional Creatures, Aliens, Bigfoot, or the Griffin in your own back yard – nothing is off-limits or too outlandish while on-air with Haunted Playground, anchored by top-rated talk host Sheena Metal founding member of The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance.From today’s top para1234normal experts to the most bizarre phenomenon to the world’s most engaging spiritual people, Haunted Playground has room for everyone on the paranormal kickball team! Combining today's hottest celebrity guests and tomorrow's most irreverent headline-makers, the show is raw, uncensored, and all-Sheena-all-the-time.On The Horse Ownership Experience, discover everything you’ve wanted to know about horse racing ownership.

From porn stars to sobriety, comedians to great new musical acts, and everything in between.Cat and Kaehler LIVE talk radio, a podcast you don’t want to miss!Movie Reviews & More is your one stop media source for the latest in movie reviews from a different in depth interviews with the stars that make them.When Corellia attempted to bring the Hapes Consortium onto their side by means of an armed coup, Bwua'tu took the Ackbar along with his other forces to Hapes in order to reinforce the Queen Mother's fleet.Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning Sam brings you an entertaining and irreverent show that mixes a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart conversation.

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It’s talk radio the way it was meant to be, “Sheena-Style”: unscripted, unpredictable, a little horrifying, and a lot hysterical.

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