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God I could go on, a great bunch of blokes and some happy memories of drunken nights away.Mid 70`s into the80`s Don`t remember them having many wagons of ther own.Based at Avonmouth down Buchanans end in the mid 70s when I left.I ve read some of your other posts, I started driving about 13 years after you, I ve also knocked it out of cog down over Marlborough Hill in the past, used to run with some of Guests of Bath at times.

I still remember that great day, an AEC mandator UAE 8G, first load was 20 tons of duckhams oil in gallon tins, roped and sheeted, down to Plymouth mikes webb chat.20 ton of whisky roped and sheeted on a flat and parked up at home while I snatched a quick break mikes webb chat.Last edited by Spardo on Thu Jun 05, 2008 am, edited 1 time in total. I have never needed more than 6 hours kip so had the day to myself from about 10 or 11am.240 Gardner, great picture, and also the link to the site, out of a 67 film called The Sorcerers I found from the site. I reckon he was there when I was on for them, I moved on in 1974.Gerry Fitton went delivering furniture as I recall.

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